Every moment I saw you cry
A broken heart

After all
All over again
At the end of the world
At the end of the day
Bedtime stories
Behind the mask
Blood stained tears
Candle light
Foolish pride

Forgiven, forgotten, but loved

i) Thunder and rain
ii) Crazy
iii) Holding on
iv) The dark pit
v) It's obviously imagination
vi) Counting time
vii) Tonight
viii) Flames of ice
ix) Misplaced dream
x) Vodka and Champagne
xi) Desolate rooms
Forgotten Friend
Guessing game
Heart and soul
He said!
Hide and seek, run and play
It's all over
It's not worth it!
It has a real reason
Just for you
Lazy Saturday
Life, The end
Life, The game
Look at him now!
Love and let go
Mark and Jane
Melting ice
Merry go round
Old times
Once upon a time
One strange night
On my own
i) Empty rooms.
ii) A fire without a spark.
iii) The coroners face.

Play the fool
Red and yellow knights
Roses are red
Sacrifice a dove

Shadows in the night
Shattered glass
Shooting stars
Silent faces
Social gathering
Thanks for the memory
That one last moment of pleasure…
The Battle
The keeper of the ring
The poem I wrote about her
The Puzzle
The second time
The tears of a clown
Under the shadow
Walk away
When we two parted
Who lied
Your broken heart
this book is dedicated to
Yvette Royle

without whom I would never have had the inspiration to start writing.
"strange moments of delicate thoughts."
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