Once upon a time there was a little girl, an outcast in her own society, a loner, a real menace, a brat of major proportions, and at sixteen, a predator of a young woman to be worried about. Although she cared little for her appearance, having long since decided against the need to pamper to male sexual cravings, she was inherently attractive, and thus had an allure that could only be described as a "bit of rough", and she knew how to use it.

The only people at all that liked her where her parents and her grand parents, and to say that her parents liked her was stretching the truth. Her father despised her, resenting the fact that he had to bring this good for nothing girl into the world, had to give up everything he had ever wanted, to see her through this world. But he loved her mother and so he had held back his desire to choke her pretty little neck until she was dead, and only occasionally inflicted bruising and cigarette burns upon her when handing out his own brand of discipline.

Her brother didnít care for her much as they had fallen out a long time ago over his dog being found dead in his bed, a crime for which everyone knew who the culprit was, but know one had yet been able to pin it on her.

This particular afternoon she was still in bed having endured a late night out of clubbing, drink, and drugs.

"Red, darling. Get your lazy arse out of bed now!" He mother shouted.

"F-ck Off!" Mumbled Red.

"Wash your mouth out before you get down here you little bitch, and if donít quickly run this errand for me then Iím so going to come up there and beat you to a pulp. So get down here you lazy cow."

Red could be heard stumbling around her room before she appeared in the kitchen at the bottom of the stairs. Her clothes were ruffled as if she had slept in them, which she had, her makeup was smudged and a little worse for wear as you would imagine for someone who had hit the bed, already asleep.

She picked up the Asda bag and peered inside; A couple of packets of fags and three two litre bottles of cider.

"Take that to Grandmaís" said mother.

Grandmother lived over at the old peopleís home on the other side of town; A distance which Red really didnít want to walk, so she took out her mobile and called the taxi rank.

"Taxi nowÖ Forrest Retirement homeÖ 22 Acacia Avenue."

She sat on the wall in front of her house, taking in the mid afternoon sun, and texting her acquaintances until the Taxi arrived. Red got into the front passenger seat having already decided to have a little sport with the driver.

The driver, a man in his forties, was slightly taken aback by the precocious girl. His eyes bulged as Redís legs entered the car, her skirt riding high, but he liked the idea of a bit of Lolita in his car and looked forward to an eventful eye candy journey. Throughout, they spoke little, but he watched her with his beady brown eyes, a little too close together and only separated by his large nose. Ran his hands through his greasy long hair, and stroked his grey, matted beard.

Red just kept texting and giggling to her self. She was aware of his sly little looks, aware of what was probably going through his mind. She just smirked to herself.

Not far from the retirement home the taxi took and unexpected turn into the old derelict flats. For the first time Red looked directly at the driver. "Where are you going?"

"A slight shortcut through here." The driver replied.

"No there isnít. You better turn the car aroundÖ"

The driver quickly pulled the car over and stopped. The pop of the locks echoed in Redís ears, she tried the doors but she knew there was going to be no escape. She looked pleadingly at the driver as his teeth became prominent through his sinister smile.

"Now letís have some fun little girl." He said as he clambered awkwardly over to her. His hand went for her thighs; those teeth went for her lips.

He smelt the mixed aroma of alcohol and cigarettes on her breath as she calmly said. "Iíll enjoy this more than you."

He paid her little attention as he frantically forced his way through his performance. She fought him, and he restrained her easily. His origins of the beast showed through, the savagery of the hunter driving him on as he defiled her. He saw and heard little outside of his own world, caught in the adrenalin of the attack.

As his body shook with the climax of the act, the calm whisper of her voice resonated through the tranquillity of his mind. "Are you done?"


"Suck this then." said Red, placing the barrel of the gun into his mouth. For all his strength he was unable to stop her, he gagged as his mouth was invaded by her weapon.

The gun fired.

Blood and brains splattered the inside of the car.

The driver slumped over Red. She rolled him to one side, and although covered in blood, straightened herself out. She took out a cigarette from the packet in shopping bag, lit one, took a drag, and sat back. "I told you that I would enjoy this more than you." She exhaled.

Fifteen minutes later Red entered her Grandmothers apartment. "Hi Grandma, Thereís a packet of fags and a bottle of cider on the table. Iím just going to use your shower."

Written Without Prejudice
written without prejudice
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