Get Microsoft Internet Explorer

This website has been developed using Microsoft Frontpage 2000 and IE5.

I have tested it with IE3.x, IE4.x and it seems pretty much OK.

I have also tested it with Netscape Browsers 3.x, 4.x and... well... it works, but it is not as nice as IE. I have tried to make sure the site is still functional, but will not go to the extent of making both IE and NETSCAPE look the same.

Most problems seem to be caused by NETSCAPE giving different results for some HTML tags.

I agree that users everywhere should be able to look at pages the same, no matter what browser they are using... however the problem is with the browsers. And because of that I intend to make sure that the majority of users see my pages how I intended, and that means going with IE.

Sorry to all you MICROSOFT haters, but I hate NETSCAPE more than MICROSOFT.

Secondly... HTML is pance!