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the anam personal web pages have been written and designed by chris wild unless stated otherwise and are copyright 1998 chris wild

the graphics have been cobbled together by chris wild except some stuff i robbed while trawling the net over the past few months. i apologies upfront if i robbed anything from your pages but i seem to have forgotten where i got things from so;  if you recognise something on one of these pages as belonging to you, please drop me an email and i will either remove your graphics from my pages or give you credit.

should you feel obliged to want use anything from these pages please drop me an email first. i'm not a scrooge type person, so you shouldn't have any problems.

all poetry is copyright 1985 - 1998 chris wild. all rights of the author are reserved. they cannot be reproduced in any way without the express permission of the author.

lords of midnight is copyright 1984 mike singleton
doomdark's revenge is copyright 1984 mike singleton

many images and text contained within the lords of midnight and doomdark's revenge pages were taken from the game or the manual. this content is copyright 1984 mike singleton.

lords of midnight and doomdark's revenge were converted to the pc by chris wild. they have been distributed on the internet and cover disks with the express permission of mike singleton and domark. these programs can be freely distributed for no monetary gain.

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