written without prejudice here is my collections of poetry. works that span the years since 1985. some of it is good, and some isn't. please feel free to read and comment
To Live, Love and Lie To Live, Love and Lie
written way back in 1985. the product of the break up from the first person who really meant anything to me. complete with 15 years of angst and frustration. a little raw and in some places completely irrelevant.



Running Out Of Time Running out of Time
a transitional collection. ie: transitional from learning that i had something to say and believing I had something to offer. written in a small time scale with a flurry of misguided prose.
I, of the Storm I, of the Storm
a long time in the making and probably better for it. includes the storm which consumed most of the time and is probably my favourite piece. the life of that one piece actually travels from my old style of writing into something altogether newer.
Purple Purple
work in progress...
Stories to go to bed with
some short stories that I have been working on

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