Using this booklet
    Welcome to the second Epic game in the Midnight trilogy, Doomdark's Revenge. This booklet does not represent an iron discipline which must be fought through before you can enjoy the game, but we hope it will help you to get the most out of it.
    When you have loaded up, put the keyboard overlay onto your Spectrum and start to press the top direction keys to look around the bitter landscape of Icemark. Mike's introduction opposite should whet your appetite and make you realise the depth of the challenge which awaits you. Turn to the Game Play section and experiment with the keys marked on the overlay.
    By now we hope you'll be keen enough to read the little novelette which forms the first part of this book and sets the scene for the struggles ahead. It should help you to fit into the role.
    As play progresses just turn to the relevant guidelines to help you over puzzles and inform you what you must aim for in certain situations. We've tried not to give too much away to prevent you making some exciting discoveries for yourself, but we think we've covered enough to allow you a real chance of completing this demanding adventure.
    And when you have finally defeated it, remember that the challenge isn't over yet the third part of the trilogy, possibly the most exciting yet, is still to come, when Mike will send Morkin down to the warmer lands which lie below Midnight itself, to find The Eye of the Moon.
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