It is many moons now since Lords of Midnight first appeared out of the soft, wearing gloom. Those of you who took up their challenge and rode with them to battle against the cruel Witchking will need no reminding of that epic struggle. But now a new epic tale unfolds, the story of Doomdarks revenge.
    The Lords of Midnight was the first game to use "landscaping", which allows the player to view the world through the eyes of the characters and the commanders he controls, to move through it as if he truly were riding across its broad plains, through its deep and silent forest, between its towering mountains. Doomsdark revenge uses the same technique but paints on an even broader canvas that yields no less than six thousand map locations and forty eight thousand panoramic views - one for every byte of RAM in your spectrum!
    The game itself involves both quest and warfare, both exploration and careful strategy. You can play on your own or with friends; there are enough different characters at your command for all the family to join in and struggle against Shareth Heartstealer, Empress of the frozen Empire!
    In the following pages, you will find the tale of the Moonprince and his son, Morkin, when peace befell Midnight after the War of the Solstice. And the tale of Shareths anger which brought a premature halt to the rejoicing. This you must read if you are to put on the mantle of the Moonprince and do battle against the Cold Empress in full knowledge of her dread powers. Further on you will find the "Guide to Play" which of course, is vital reading too.
    I wish you luck on your quest and hope you enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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