Our Heroes

Luxor the Moonprince

Tarithel the Fey

Rorthron the Wise



The Barbarians


Carormand the Barbarian

Glortharg the Barbarian

Thortheon the Barbarian

Lorangrorn the Barbarian

Thangrad the Barbarian

Varatrarg the Barbarian

Kahudrak the Barbarian


Imgorad the Barbarian

Thorthak the Barbarian

Anvorthun the Barbarian

Firak the Barbarian

Kahudrarg the Barbarian

Careneon the Barbarian

Torinarg the Barbarian

Anvortheon the Barbarian

Varangrand the Barbarian



The Dwarves



Imgorarg the Dwarf

Hagildrorn the Dwarf

Torormarg the Dwarf


Glormane the Dwarf

Berangrorn the Dwarf

Gloruk the Dwarf

Torelorn the Dwarf

Thatruk the Dwarf

Thelak the Dwarf

Lorangrarg the Dwarf

Carorthay the Dwarf

Hagudril the Dwarf

Gludreon the Dwarf

Thudrun the Dwarf

Imangruk the Dwarf

Thigrak the Dwarf

Imulorn the Dwarf

Imelorn the Dwarf

Ulfangrak the Dwarf

Gligril the Dwarf



The Fey



Imorthorn the Fey

Thormand the Fey

Tororthane the Fey

Carorthane the Fey

Berormorn the Fey

Thigrand the Fey

Tharand the Fey

Imgorthand the Fey

Lorangriel the Fey

Carorthorn the Fey

Morildrane the Fey

Imgormand the Fey

Thorthand the Fey

Imgormiel the Fey

Lorangrim the Fey

Berormane the Fey

Imorthesh the Fey

Obireon the Fey

Carorthand the Fey



The Giants



Carangrane the Giant

Varangrim the Giant

Imgarorn the Giant

Glormeon the Giant

Asorthane the Giant

Thormuk the Giant

Imgormad the Giant

Obularg the Giant

Imatrorn the Giant

Glortheon the Giant

Obigrorn the Giant

Obortharg the Giant

Berorthim the Giant

Thangrorn the Giant

Imgenarg the Giant

Ulformane the Giant

Thorarg the Giant

Torelak the Giant

Ganigrorn the Giant

Anvildrak the Giant

Fenorn the Giant

Sildrorn the Giant



Shareth and the Icelords


Shareth The Heartstealer

Morkin the Free

Anvireon the Icelord

Imgaril the Icelord

Malisane the Icelord

Ushudrarg the Icelord

Malirarg the Icelord

Carorthad the Icelord

Torangrorn the Icelord

Lorelorn the Icelord

Talormane the Icelord

Imildrorn the Icelord

Thigrim the Icelord

Malorthand the Icelord

Sortharg the Icelord

Sigrorn the Icelord

Morangrim the Icelord

Zarashand the Icelord

Kahangrorn the Icelord

Imasharg the Icelord

Glormarg the Icelord

Malirane the Icelord

Thildresh the Icelord

Malormun the Icelord

Thirium the Icelord

Fenarg the Icelord

Ushangrane the Icelord

Carangresh the Icelord

Carorand the Icelord
Varormane the Icelord

Fangrorn the Icelord

Talorthane the Icelord

Glororn the Icelord

Imgudrorn the Icelord

Ganormarg the Icelord

Firim the Icelord
Kahudruk the Icelord

Glireon the Icelord

Berudrarg the Icelord

Hagudrak the Icelord
Ulfangruk the Icelord
Malarorn the Icelord
Imgasharg the Icelord
Kahangriel the Icelord
Kahudrun the Icelord

Thangrarg the Icelord

Lororthane the Icelord

Anvarorn the Icelord




The Gate of Varenorn