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New Mobile and Desktop versions of the classic game. Available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Amazon Fire, Windows, and OSX The Lords of Midnight
The Lords of Midnight
Doomdark's Revenge
Doomdark's Revenge
The Tower of the Moon
Tower of the Moon
The Gate of Varenorn
Gate of Varenorn
The Dark Citadel
The Dark Citadel
5th Feb 2015
What's New
the home of 
"Lords of Midnight PC"
here you will find the latest programs, tips,
mutterings and, well, stuff...
the home of 
"Doomdark's Revenge PC"
here you will find... much the same as the tower but for a different game.
a small section for the PC follow up to Lords of Midnight - The Citadel. what's new indeed? all the new and updated content for this site since - well the last time I changed something. that's what!

The Midnight Chronicles

my blog
A wiki to handle information about the world of Midnight

this is my blog... I write stuff there, you might find it interesting... or you might not!

Midnight/MU Game

Midnight/MU Forum
Sinclair Spectrum
Sinclair Spectrum
Just Whose Page Is It?
Just Whose Page Is it?
online midnight inspired game by Jean-Yves a page devoted to the Sinclair spectrum. various ramblings that you may, or may not find interesting.  background information on me...  the author.  
Grab It Now
all the latest fun stuff to clog up your already bulging hard drive. links to far away places, unusual places, places  that you may or may not find of interest. required to make this site look as intended. because i'm a programmer, this page will have programming type stuff. doesn't mean it will be any good, but there you are.


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